Announcing 2017 Best Discrete Choice Experiment Award

Posted on 27 November 2016, updated on 2 March 2017 invites you to practice conjoint analysis (discrete choice experimentation) on our platform. This competition is for marketing students and those interested in learning marketing research.

Conjoint analysis is an important marketing research technique that allows managers to understand trade-offs between features of their products and prices. It is commonly used by professionals at leading market research organisation, and we are keen to make it available more broadly.

How to participate

(Expected time required for participation: 2 to 3 hours)

  1. Define your research objective (it can be part of a classroom exercise).
  2. Run an experiment on the platform.
  3. Request a fee waiver (you do not need to pay to use if you are a student or as part of this competition).
  4. Collect responses, review analysis, download the PowerPoint generated on the platform.
  5. In the PowerPoint file, include a short description (up to one slide) of your experiment including:
    • Your research objective,
    • Profile of respondents (e.g., location, demographics),
    • Findings and relevance to practical marketing decisions.
  6. Submit your research in the PowerPoint format via email:

Selection criteria

  • Originality,
  • Creativity, and
  • Most importantly, provision of useful insights into consumers’ decision making process.


AUD250 awarded to the winner (or the winning team). The name of the winner will be published on our website.


  • You grant the right to publish your research (in PowerPoint and other formats) and make edits to your text. Anonymous submissions are accepted (but the winning submission will be announced publicly). Email addresses will not be published.
  • Participants can enter competition as a group. If the winner is a group, only one prize will be paid to a single nominated email address.
  • The prize will be paid via PayPal to the winner’s email address.
  • Research must be original.
  • Dealine for submittions: 30 April 2017.

About us is an Australian start-up with the mission to make discrete choice experimentation a common part of every marketer’s toolkit. Since August 2016, we are rapidly developing a platform for discrete choice experimentation, with a keen interest in popularising discrete choice experimentation among marketers and marketing students alike.

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