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Posted on 18 March 2017

Here is a summary of questions our users often ask us. If there is anything else you’d like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Usage questions
Yes, you are welcome to sign up for free. You can run small studies with fewer than 40 responses without charge. Larger studies attract fees.
You only need to pay if you want to analyse more than 40 responses. You can collect any number of responses without paying first, and only pay when you are ready to see the reports.
Yes, you can add any number of additional questions (multiple choice, free form text, number, emails, constant-sum, Likert scale, etc.). There is no cost to adding those.
Our privacy policy is stipulated here.
Technical questions
Yes, you can add pictures in a variety of popular formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.).
There is a limit to prevent unreasonably large numbers, but our users have not come close to it. If your study requires additional attributes and levels, please contact support.
Yes, but we recommend specifying only a few for statistical reasons.
Yes, it is done automatically. The more complex the design, the higher the number of blocks. uses MCMC HB estimation to calculate individual-level coefficients. These coefficients are used in market share estimation, helping account for heterogeneity in the market. They are aggregated at the market and segment levels to show partworth utiilities.

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