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Generic conjoint

Suitable for studies of a single brand or commoditised products, where product characteristics do not vary substantially by brand. Also known as generic (or unlabelled) design.


Brand-specific conjoint

Suitable for studies that include a variery of brands, where potential product characteristics vary across brands. Also known as alternative-specific (or labelled) design. Example applications: FMCG, telecommunications, and home appliances.


Panel responses

Buy quality panel responses from trusted panels (Cint, ResearchNow, and others). Delivered automatically, typically within two days.

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per complete response

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  • All studies include:
    • Our easy experimental design tools, including advanced conjoint design settings,
    • Automated participant management (including sample size calculation and reminders for respondents),
    • Segmentation of customer base using Hierarchical Bayes modelling,
    • Export to PowerPoint and Excel,
    • Survey customisations, including profiling questions, redirects, survey logic, mobile-ready templates.
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