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You do not need a PhD in statistics to use our simple, yet flexible tool to design your experiment.

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Our tool makes it easy for respondents to answer the survey on mobile, tablet or computer.

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Learn what features customers want, how much they can pay, explore segmentation.

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Export your findings into an Excel file or a profitability model with one click.


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Get insights in a couple of days with respondents from trusted online panels, delivered straight into your experiment. Precisely target the right demographics from millions of panel participants. Only pay for complete quality-ensured responses.

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Since its inception in the 1970s, conjoint analysis has proven a reliable market research technique. It is commonplace in marketing, advertising and product management, helping test acceptance of new product features, pricing, messaging. These days, it is also frequently used in healthcare, environmental, government and non-profit settings. helps managers understand what drives customer behaviour through surveys that simulate the act of purchasing (or any other type of choice-making). It offers a complete online solution from experiment set-up to data analysis and presentation of reports on marginal willingness to pay, share of preference simulation, segmentation, and more. Being at the statistical forefront of discrete choice experiments, offers robust, proven analytics that managers rely on in important product decisions.

Our mission is to make conjoint analysis and discrete choice experimentation readily available to marketing and product managers in the form of an easy-to-use online tool. We offer an agile alternative to other software and consulting solutions, helping you get to reliable quality customer insights faster.