Our products

Generic Conjoint

Feature and claim selection and measuring willingness to pay for features for a single product

Brand-Specific Conjoint

Feature and claim selection and pricing in markets where product characteristics vary across brands, SKUs, or price tiers

Claims Test

Efficiently test up to 300 product claims on customer appeal, fit with brand, and diagnostic questions of your choice


Determine price elasticity for a single product and identify revenue-maximising price level

Van Westendorp

Determine psychologically acceptable range of prices for a single product and chart approximate price elasticity curve

Predictive Product Test

Easily set up a prediction market to test one or two new product concepts

Prediction Market

Harness wisdom of the crowd to predict adoption of new products and test new packaging, advertising materials, and pricing

Upload DIY experimental design

Allowing advanced choice modellers to upload their own experimental designs and perform data collection on Conjoint.ly

Simple Survey

General survey with standard question types, including webcam and microphone recording

What we offer

Conjoint.ly provides automated tools and expert support for product and pricing research. We offer a complete online solution from experiment set-up to data analysis and presentation of reports on marginal willingness to pay, share of preference simulation, segmentation, and more. Being at the statistical forefront of discrete choice experiments and prediction markets, Conjoint.ly offers robust, proven analytics that managers rely on in important product decisions.

Our mission is to make the traditionally labour-intensive, yet powerful market research methods (conjoint analysis, discrete choice experimentation, prediction markets) readily available to insights, marketing, and product managers in the form of easy-to-use online tools supplemented with on-demand expert advice. We offer an agile alternative to other software and consulting solutions, helping you get to reliable customer insights faster.

Our clients include both insights departments at Fortune 1000 companies and product-focused start-ups across dozens of industries. What unites our users is a healthy thirst to know how their customers will react to their business decisions.

Meet the team

Nik Samoylov

Nik Samoylov Founder

Former Consultant at Bain & Company,
University Medal in Marketing from the Australian National University

Jason Widjaja

Jason Widjaja Market Researcher

First Class Honours in Marketing
from Monash University

Denis Smagin

Denis Smagin Developer

Experienced web developer,
Degree from the Siberian Federal University

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