What is the drawback of collecting less than the recommended sample size?

The implication of having lower sample size would be the robustness of the data (i.e. wider confidence intervals).

If you foresee that the number of responses you will be collecting is lower than the current recommended sample size, you can make the following changes, which will lower the recommended sample size:

  • (For Claims Test / Product Variant Selector only) Selecting the “Identify and zoom in on top claims/variants” setting:

  • Increasing the number of choice sets per respondent (which will make the survey longer). With this setting, we would also recommend forcing respondents to stay for a few seconds in the choice-based exercise (you can do so from the same tab: “Advanced settings” –> “Response quality warnings”)

This question from our users was answered on 26 September 2019. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.