How to export results for individual respondents into Excel?

You can download the report in Excel from the “Excel export button” (as shown below):

Exporting raw data from report into an Excel file

How to get individual partworths for each respondent?

To view individual partworths for each respondent, you can export the report as an excel file using the “Excel Export” button (as shown above) and have a look at the “individual preferences” tab.

In order to understand the meaning of these coefficients in a brand-specific conjoint, let’s take a look at Example experiment 2 in your experiment list:

  • Column ASC: Opt-in is the reverse value of “None of the above” option. A higher opt-in value means that the respondent is less likely to select the “None of the above” option
  • Preferences for brands are highlighted in columns B2 to B4. In this case, preferences for column B1 (Landrange Hoover) are not shown / set to 0 (because it is a dummy variable / point of reference for brands)
  • Similarly, preference for levels are highlighted in subsequent columns. The columns highlighted below (B1A2L2 and B1A2L3) represent the preferences for price of Landrange Hoover, where:
    • B1A2L1 = Not shown / 0 (because it is a dummy variable / point of reference for prices)
    • B1A2L2 = Preferences for Landrange Hoover price of $23,000
    • B1A2L3 = Preferences for Landrange Hoover price of $25,000

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