Could you provide some guidance on the sample size we should aim for?

Also: We have about 15-20 claims that we want to test. How big should the sample size be?

Gabor-Granger / Van Westendorp: The general guideline is to have at least 200 responses in total and at least 100 responses within each segment.

Generic / Brand-Specific Conjoint: The quickest way would be to enter your attributes and levels into The system will estimate the required sample size for robust results.

Claims test / Product Variant Selector: The general guideline for Claims Test / Product Variant Selector is 10 respondents per claim / variant tested:

  • To get a general overview with 15-20 claims, a sample size of N=200 would be sufficient.
  • If you are looking to do segmentation on the report, we recommend having at least N=100 in each of the segment. For example, if you want to have a segment of males (assuming 40% or N=100 allocated to the male quota and 60% or N=150 to the female quota), then we should aim for a total sample size of N=250.

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