Prediction Markets

Prediction markets are a powerful method of product research that helps companies harness wisdom of the crowd in order to predict business outcomes rather than simply asks for opinions. With roots in behavioural science and economics, this method has been validated as a trustworthy approach to assess the potential success or failure of:

  • New product launches, even for disruptive concepts.
  • Advertising copy and materials before releasing them to the wider audience.
  • Other business decisions: New packaging options, pricing, and market entry. offers fully automated, state-of-the-art solutions for automated product and pricing research that are trusted by leading companies, research agencies, and academics. Our prediction markets come in two flavours:

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What's inside

Set-up interface for prediction markets

Quick and easy to set up

You do not need a PhD in behavioural science to use our simple tools to set up your prediction experiment.

Example survey interface for prediction markets

Engaging experience for respondents

Our chatbot-like interface makes the survey engaging for respondents and works on mobile, tablets, and computers.

Example analytics of prediction markets

Fully automated analytics

Learn whether the crowd believes in your product, advertising copy, or a business idea through visualisations of participants' bets.

We are here to support you with automated prediction market research

Support available

Need help in reviewing your study before launch or understanding results? We are here to assist.