Pricing and products Pay per use, no monthly fees, free to try for up to 40 responses

Conjoint experiment

  • Automated solution for conjoint analysis.
  • Full range of features from study design to data collection, analytics, and presentation of findings (online and Excel).
  • Covers both generic and brand-specific conjoint studies.

per experiment

Panel responses

  • Quality panel responses from trusted panels (Cint, ResearchNow, and others).
  • Delivered automatically, typically within two days.

Variable cost starting from
per complete response

Support and consulting

  • Do you need support in running a conjoint study? We can help you with anything related to conjoint and discrete choice:
    • Run a study for you,
    • Customised respondent interfaces,
    • Advanced features for Excel simulators,
    • Complex pricing analysis,
    • Frequent usage (for agencies),
    • Automated conjoint solutions for live pricing or product range optimisation.
  • is and will remain free for academic research, teaching and students' use. We request that you cite us in your research. Request a fee waiver today.
  • The tool is free to try with up to 40 responses. Unpaid studies that gather more than 40 responses will record responses, but will not use them in analysis until payment is made.
  • All experiments include:
    • Our easy experimental design tools, including advanced conjoint design settings,
    • Automated participant management (including sample size calculation and reminders for respondents),
    • Segmentation of customer base using Hierarchical Bayes modelling,
    • Export to Excel,
    • Survey customisations, including profiling questions, redirects, survey logic, mobile-ready templates.
  • All prices are quoted in United States dollars.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies to Australian customers and is added on top of the advertised price. Australian customers are charged in Australian dollars, with the amounts converted at the applicable USD to AUD exchange rate.